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before & after school care

Located on the grounds of Ecole Pauline Johnson, we are here to help you with your child care needs.


7:30 AM

We offer before and after school care only for those children attending Ecole Pauline Johnson. During  professional days and all school closures, such as winter , spring and summer camps, we welcome children from other schools. 


In our Before School Care program children arrive after 7:30 am. It's a quiet and relaxing start of their day, when children can make arts, play, complete their homework, or have breakfast. Our after school care program starts at 2:50 pm. We offer pick up services from their classes to all children Kindergarten and Grade 1. Grades 2 and up can walk to the center. Upon arrival, the children will have a snack, and participate in arts, crafts, group games, playing outdoors, and enjoy their friends. Some of our activities are: 

Active Play

Playing outdoors daily , rain or shine.

Delicious & Nutritious Food

We provide a healthy breakfast and after-school snacks.

Fun Activities

The afternoons are filled with arts and crafts, cooking lessons, sports activities and much more.  On Fridays we run special programs - e.g. skating, gym sports, etc.

Enjoy activities at West Vancouver Aquatic Centre. 

As part of our  effort to enhance the services we offer to our families, we can also escort your children to their scheduled activities (Monday - Thursday) at the West Vancouver  Centre. Please note that PJ Kids Club only offers the escorting services. If your child is registered in a program and you require our services please feel free to fill in this form and we will be happy to help you! 

Help with Homework

We also have a Homework Mentoring Program, for Grades 3 - 6 after 4:30 pm, so your child can go home with their homework completed.  When finished, they can either relax, or join other children in numerous indoor and outdoor activities.

We are registered with the Ministry of Education and Child Care, and we participate in the Child Care Fee Reduction Program, so we can offer reduced rates and offset the cost of childcare for Kindergarten children. More fee reductions are expected in September 2023 for all school age children. 

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