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PJ Kids Club is a non-profit organization that has been providing services for young children since 1981.  With over 30 years of quality care services, and located on the grounds of École Pauline Johnson, we are the home of a very-popular Before and After School Program, School-break camps, and an engaging, play-based Preschool Program.

We have a team of eight  staff members, including our Manager, Diana Kadi.  The organization is overseen by a Board of volunteer parents.  We are continually working to ensure all our programs are of the highest quality as well as continuously providing training opportunities for our staff on Early Childhood Education topics.

We have recently added spaces, to ensure we can meet the child-care needs of our immediate community.  We are committed to providing strong services for our children in a non-profit environment.  And we are pleased to work with community agencies to support children who need a specific type of care and attention.

Our programs are focused on enhancing children's self esteem, confidence, a sense of belonging, and creating a home-away-from-home for them.

Our goal is to foster in children a sense of wonder and independence, while nurturing self-esteem and a cooperative attitude.


Our team are pleased to introduce themselves!  But be sure to stop by and meet us all too.

Diana Kadi
Zuzana Durcovicova

PJ Kids Club Center Manager

I am an Early Childhood Educator and I have been working with young children for over 20 years; and this is where I found my passion. Originally from Venezuela, I came to Canada 20 years ago and started working in child care. Children’s world is full of joy and surprises, tears, laughs, paint spills, but also the biggest rewards. I believe in the power of learning through play and creating an environment that nurtures and fosters self esteem and confidence, and it is from this place of love that children will strive. If you don’t find me at PJ Kids Club I am probably home spending time with my family or friends.  I love the outdoors, hiking, swimming, dancing Zumba and exploring. 

Nelly Lazarte

Senior ECE Teacher/Infant Toddler/ Before School Care/Preschool 3 years old class/Camps

Originally from Peru, I first came to Canada in 1990. I have been an Elementary and High School teacher in my country, but in Canada I decided to dedicate to work with young children, and I have been working for several years. My expertise is in planning and programming activities for preschool children according to their levels of development and implementing a safe environment. I am very sensitive and experienced to the needs of the children.  I firmly believe that with honesty and responsibility we can address the concerns of our families in finding the best care possible for their children. 

PJ Kids Club Assistant Manager. Before School Care, Preschool 4 years old, After School Care, Camps. 

Working with young children with passion and dedication for over 10 years gives me everyday opportunities to learn about them and understand their individual needs. My goal is to educate children in a fun and positive environment. In my free time I enjoy various outdoor activities, such as hiking and snowshoeing. I like listening to music and read books!

Hannah Douglas

ECE Teacher/Preschool 4 years old/Infant Toddler, After School Care/Camps 

I just graduated as an ECE Teacher from Capilano University a year ago. I have been working with young children for over 10 years, first as a nanny, and since I found my passion, I pursued my education in the field. I love working with children because they are always curious about the world around them, always asking questions! In my free time, I enjoy the outdoors and spending time with my family and my friends! 

ECE Teacher / After School Care.

My whole life evolves around children. I was an elementary school teacher in Iran at the age of 21 years old, before my first child was born a year later. Here I am, 37 years later, still working with children, enjoying every minute. I am an ECE and carry a Family Practitioner Diploma. In the mornings I work at West Vancouver Family Place, and for the past 18 years I have been working at PJ Kids Club in the After-School Care program. I enjoy reading, watching movies, hiking and swimming.  

Azine Ardalan

Kelsey Schaerer

Shabnam Zamani

ECE Teacher/Preschool/After School Care/Camps

I graduated as a Preschool Teacher in Iran. I worked with children for 8 years there, before I came to Canada and started to work at PJ Kids Club. Working with the children makes me very happy and every day is like a new day. The children bring me joy and fulfillment with their lovely smiles. I bring with me to PJ Kids Club my warmth, efficiency and passion for the job. This center has helped me to become the best of me and a proud to the school and parents. In my time off, I love to go outside with my husband and friends, watch movies, theater, concerts and sightseeing. 

Safoora Mandeghar


ECE teacher, Special Needs, Infant Toddler, Preschool 3 years old, After School Care. 


My name is Safoora Mandegar. I came to Canada 6 years ago with my family. Immigration to Canada blessed me with an opportunity to follow my interest and continue studying in Early Childhood Education. After receiving my ECE certificate, I applied for Infant, Toddler and special needs program which I will receive my Diploma in by January.

For almost three years I worked for a private daycare and recently I have joined to PJ Kids Club team which make me so happy to see what the future has for us and opens a new window for my future career.

When working with children I concentrate on improving children’s development, increasing their self- esteem, help them with the problem-solving skills, encouraging the kids’ interest and making sure to respect the children at the same level I would at adult. A big passion of me has always been art and by practicing open ended art with the kids it makes a great opportunity to pass down some knowledge and guidance.

ECE teacher/After School Care 

I am a recent graduate from Capilano University with my degree in Early Childhood Education. I have been working with children for over 5 years now, and most recently as a nanny. Throughout my education and work with children, I have developed an appreciation for the outdoors and I enjoy providing children opportunities to explore the nature around us. I was born and raised in North Vancouver and I love to go on walks on the vast amount of trails in the area. In my free time, I also love to spend time with my friends/family, reading and watching movies!

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